Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Chastity" Belts - $25 (Lehi, Ut)

Hi friends, I am a young man who is really keen on saving himself for his future wife. However, I like many other young people have what my football coach called, "raging hormones." There have been more than a couple of occasions where I have almost tainted myself and my families good name by allowing the hormones to make me do thinks I didn't want to do. This is when I thought, "why don't I make myself a reminder?" In shop class I was able to make a belt buckle with the word chastity on it. I call it my "chastity belt." Every time after I found myself with "wandering hands." I was able to overcome the temptation because I remembered as I was about to unbuckle my belt that I wanted to keep my chastity. It has worked for years. I now want to help the community (and earn a few bucks-haha) by making them available to you. The belts come in men's and woman's sizes and I make them for casual and dress occasions. Please let me know your belt size and I can custom make them for you. It may take a while because I only have 45 minutes in shop class and it takes me 45 minutes to make one. However, I think you'll find their worth the wait and so will your future partner.

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