Friday, June 18, 2010

Need Help Firing Satellite Into Space

Hey, I recently was able to put together a satellite that transmits cellphone signal. Now that I engineered this I realized that I have no idea how to get this thing into space and operate it. I need some dude to help me rig up a rocket to send it into space so I can start my own private cell phone operation. I am doing this not for commercial purposes but because I have been screwed by those cell phone companies one too many times. Recently I was taken to arbitration because of some legal bull crap and had to pay them a ridiculous (confidential) amount. This inspired the idea of building my own "all-around network." I will only allow family and close friends to use this signal. I will pay you once the satellite is in full orbit and the network is up and running. Your pay will be access to this network for you and your immediate family for life. Oh, and also I do expect some up keep on this so all those who want to use the "people's network" would have to split the service fee to up-keep the satellite. May be an opportunity for you to personally fix it in space if we can figure out a way to do that. Also we wouldn't be able to use the newest cell phones because I was only able to find a satellite from the late eighties so the phones we will be using are from the eighties as well. Here is a link of the specific model we have to use ( You may remember it, it was the one Zach Morris used in Saved by the Bell. My family was embarrassed by this at first but I was able to convince them that it was cheaper to by these phones cause no one is using them and cooler because it was retro. Please let me know if you are interested in an engineering adventure, free cell service for life, and sticking it to the man!

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