Thursday, June 24, 2010


I, like you, am deeply saddened and hurt by the recent tragic loss of Gary Coleman. However, I have been given a gift. Many, from the time I was a child, have told me that I look like, act like, sound like, and generally remind them of Gary. For this reason I have chosen to place this ad.

Being so similar to Gary is both a blessing and a curse. It is wonderful to have similarities to one of the world’s last remaining beacons of moral truth; it is a curse to have to tell people I am not Gary, and, sadly, the world will never have one like him again.

Now that his body is gone, let me be his for you. I am willing to come to parties, events, and preferably community memorial services or private mourning events and stand in place of our fallen hero. I have attached a photo of myself next to a photo of Gary Coleman so you may see how close we really are.

I’m doing this out of love for Diff’rent Strokes, not for greed. All proceeds and profits will be donated to Gary’s charity, the National Kidney Foundation. Please email me for availability.

* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* OK to contact me about appearing in CL documentary series


  1. This is exactly what I need for my next event. How much for two hours....

  2. Ten thousand dollars, or a couple of Hershey's cookies and cream candy bars.